Your Honey Jar Label Sizes

Our honey labels are available in a variety of formats and sizes to suit different jar shapes. As well as standard front labels, we offer matching lid labels for your honey jar. We also have a selection of labels with tamper seal, where the front label is attached to the lid by a bar, guaranteeing the freshness of your honey to your customers.

We have summarized the many different shapes and sizes of glass below:


Labels for Your Round Honey Jar

Labels for Your Hexagonal Honey Jar

Labels for Your Classic Queenline Honey Jar

Labels for Your Bear Honey Jar

Due to the many different shapes and sizes of glass, we have a wide range of labels available in different designs or for you to design yourself. Please take a look at the table below to see the exact measurements at a glance:

If you would like more information about our sustainable papers and different adhesives, you can take a look at our material guide. Or if you need help with the correct labelling, we have created an overview to help you.
Have fun designing and good luck with your personalized honey labels!