Best Before Date Stamping

You can add a best before date in our honey label design tool, when you order your labels from us. Alternatively, you can choose to leave the space blank as your best-before date can be easily stamped later with a simple stamp.


One of the mandatory requirements of the Honey Labeling Regulation is the Best Before End (BBE) date. This is the beekeeper's guarantee to the consumer that the honey will remain edible and retain its specific properties until this date. Of course, this requires proper storage: cool, dark and dry.


Honey labels usually have a small space field for stamping the best-before date. The best before date can easily be stamped into this space. The date can be applied in a variety of ways:


1. best before date less than three months: the best before date must be indicated to the day ("best before day/month/year").
2. best before date more than three months but not more than 18 months: "best before end of month/year".
3. best before date more than 18 months: the best before date may only be indicated with the year ("best before end of year").


How to Stamp Your Best Before End Date - Our Recommendation:

At you have the choice between a smooth ‘Standard’ paper and a structured textured paper. Experience and practical tests lead us to recommend the stamping ink ‘NORIS #196’ for stamping the best before date. This ink is actually recommended by the manufacturer for plastics (PP and PE films), but in practice it is also ideal for papers and especially our textured paper offering.
The stamping ink is water-resistant and quick-drying, so it is smudge-proof after about 12 seconds on the textured paper and 5 seconds on our standard paper.