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Honey jar labels make your honey look fantastic

Are you passionate about beekeeping and looking forward to harvesting your honey, but find that your honey jar labels look boring and fail to drive sales? You can quickly and easily order different honey jar labels from us to suit your individual taste. The new honey labels make your honey look great and help to improve sales.

We have summarized the most important guidelines for designing your honey labels in an overview.

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We are the right partner for your honey jar labels, as we offer a wide range of designs. The labels or stickers are available in different sizes, depending on the jar size and closure you use. You can also easily personalize the honey jar labels in our user-friendly program. You don't need any previous knowledge of design or layout, you can get started straight away.

Once you have placed your order, we will process your order carefully and print out your individual honey jar labels in the best quality. We will then send the stickers to your home address.

Design your own honey jar labels - from simple to colorful

You can design your own honey jar labels in just a few steps. A wide variety of design templates are available to you. The designs range from simple illustrations to colorful and creative designs. Using the online designer is simple.

With the honey jar labels, you can display the special taste of the honey and incorporate your personality. Depending on the taste or origin of the honey, you can choose from light or darker shades. Once you have decided on a design template, you can start personalizing it.

Our honey jar label configurator provides free fields for the mandatory information on the labels. However, these can be enlarged, reduced or moved according to your preferences. You can also change the font and font color in the configurator and upload your own images, logos and graphics or use our free library. This means every beekeeper can create perfect honey jar labels and add a personal touch.

Not only the colors, but also the materials play an important role in honey jar labels

So that you can design your honey jar labels as individually as possible, we also offer you the option of using different materials in addition to the various designs and personalized lettering.

One of the most important materials for honey jar labels is paper. Your customers notice the paper at first glance. In addition, many customers hold the products in their hands and feel the honey jar before buying, which is why the feel of the paper plays a special role. We only use high-quality honey label paper for our honey jar labels. The textured uncoated paper has a matt look and brings out that natural feel. The uncoated paper adds an extra touch of sustainability to the honey's apperance. The standard paper has a smooth surface and gives the honey a classy and exclusive look. Our film material is characterized by its durability and glossy finish and is perfect for all plastic containers.

Another important aspect of honey jar labels is the adhesive. Here you can choose between a permanent and an easily removable adhesive. Depending on which use you and your customers prefer for the honey jars, you can select the adhesive. The removable adhesive offers the advantage that you or your customers can remove the adhesive without leaving any residue and reuse the jar.

Honey jar labels - you and your customers will benefit

No matter where you want to sell your honey, your honey will stand out with your new honey jar labels. If you sell your honey at the fall market, at the harvest thanksgiving festival or at a farmers' market, your new labels will attract the attention of passers-by. Customers in local supermarkets or bakeries will also take a closer look at your honey.

If you have any further questions, please take a look at our FAQs on honey labeling. There we have answered all relevant questions about the ordering process and the design of the labels.

We at honeystickers wish you lots of fun creating your customized labels and, of course, only the best for your bees and lots of fun beekeeping.