Honey Label FAQs


How to Order

How do I order honey labels? It's very simple:

Step 1: Select your favorite design and honey jar size.

Step 2: Calculate: Specify quantity, paper and adhesive.

Step 3: Design it yourself: Change, remove or add elements.

Step 4: Add to cart and complete order.

Step 5: Your labels will be shipped within 4-6 business days.


Can I reorder? Can I reorder my old order?

You have the option to reorder and/or modify a completed order in your account. The designs you create are stored by us for 2 years. Changes to the design (such as a new expiration date) can be easily made by editing the design.

Can I save the label designs I create? 

Yes, you can save your designs for each product during the checkout process. The design will be temporarily saved in the browser you are using until the cookies are deleted.

How can I order multiple varieties of a product with the same design? For example, early harvest and summer harvest?

If you have a small text change or similar, you can use the save function in the product. The design is temporarily stored in the browser until the cookies are deleted. In the online designer, you can save the finished design before ordering and add it to your shopping cart. When you revisit the design, you can make changes, save it as another design, and add it to your cart.
This feature is not yet available for all products.


Is there a minimum order value?

 No, there is no minimum order value. For orders over $99, we offer free shipping.


Can I order by phone or e-mail? 

No, currently you can only order through our online store.


Can I cancel my order for free?

 Due to automated processes, a free cancellation is only possible if printing has not yet started. As soon as we have received your payment, our workflow starts automatically. Please understand that we may not always be able to confirm a free cancellation. Tip: Before placing another/additional order at the same time, please wait for our feedback on your cancellation request.


Can I change the design after I have submitted the order?

Before each order is finalized, you will be asked to review the design and confirm or change it if necessary. It is important that you do this carefully. Subsequent changes to the design - for example, if a spelling mistake is discovered after the fact - are only possible if the order has not yet been printed. Unfortunately, due to our automated processes, we cannot guarantee this. Tip: Before placing another/additional order in parallel, please wait for our feedback on your change request.


What are common errors and how can I avoid them? 

 Why is my address cropped?

 When placing addresses, text boxes, graphics, or images, please make sure they are always placed within the safety margin (dotted line). Otherwise, they may not be printed in their entirety on the label. Due to our automated processes, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to review each design individually. Therefore, it is very important that you check and verify the accuracy of the designed label when completing the order process.


Why are the labels not sticking properly to my glass? Why are the labels peeling off the jar?

The "right" label is an important factor for the label's adhesion. -> See our labeling instructions for the perfect result.


Why can't I get the labels off my jar? I want to remove them without leaving any residue.

What material did you use? We offer both removable papers and permanent materials. It is important to remove the labels before washing -> see our tip "Are the labels easy to remove?


The Honey Labels 

What material are the labels made of?

 We offer our honey labels on standard paper and textured uncoated paper. See our materials guide for more information.


Which label size do I need for which honey jar? 

We have researched and compiled the label sizes for the most common German honey jars. You will find many shapes and sizes to fit your honey jar.


Can I apply a BBD (Best Before Date)?

Our labels are coated with a protective varnish to provide the best possible protection against color abrasion. A special stamping ink can be used to stamp a BBD on the labels. We have compiled detailed information on stamping sell-by dates. Alternatively, you can pre-determine the sell-by date in the design or mark it by hand with a ballpoint pen or permanent marker.


How do I label correctly?

 We recommend that labels be applied to sterile jars while wearing gloves to prevent invisible grease films from forming. The labeled jars should not be exposed to temperature changes for approximately 48 hours to allow the adhesive to fully cure.  Please note that your jars should not have any unevenness, as this may cause bubbles to form. We have put together detailed instructions on how to label your jars correctly.


Are the labels easy to remove?

This is possible with the choice of removable paper or uncoated paper. You can easily remove or reposition the labels by hand. It is important to remove the labels from the glass before putting it in the dishwasher. Otherwise, the hot water may alter the adhesion.


Can I print the labels with a laser or inkjet printer? 

The labels cannot be printed with a laser or inkjet printer. The protective varnish we apply to the labels is not suitable for your printer's ink to adhere to. The overcoat is standard on all labels and protects the ink from abrasion. It cannot be removed, even on blank labels. If you want to print the labels, we recommend thermal transfer printing, which is only possible on coated paper (not uncoated paper) and only for roll labels. Since thermal transfer printers vary, we recommend that you test this in advance.


Shipping and Payment Options

 How long will production and delivery take? 

After successful order and payment, we will produce your labels within 4-6 business days. Shipping takes approximately 1-3 business days.


What are the shipping costs? 

Shipping costs are $6. Shipping to the USA is free on orders over $99. For more information on domestic or international shipping, please see our Production & Shipping information.


Who are your shipping partners?

 We ship your labels via UPS Express.


How will I receive my invoice? 

The invoice is automatically emailed to you as soon as the labels leave our facility.


What are the payment options?

You can pay by credit card, paypal or bank transfer. Please note that production can only start after payment has been received and that a manual bank transfer may take 1-2 days.


What are the bank details for a manual bank transfer?

 CCL Label Trittenheim GmbH - honeystickers.com

The bank: Unicredit Bank AG

IBAN: DE76711200770024378403



I Want to Complain About My Labels 

Are you unhappy with the labels you received? What is the reason? We would like to help you!

Please email us at info@honeystickers.com with your order number and a brief description of your comments - ideally with product photos attached. We will review your case as soon as possible and get back to you. If we have inadvertently made a mistake, we will of course reprint the labels immediately. You are welcome to return the defective labels to us free of charge. If it is not possible to determine the cause of the problem from your email and the photos you sent us, we will send you a return invoice free of charge so that we can determine the cause of the problem and have a chance to carefully check and, if necessary, correct it. Please understand that we will not be able to return the labels without first having the case checked by our Quality Assurance Department.