Honey Label Materials & Adhesives

What Materials are Best for Your Honey Labels?

In addition to an attractive design that stands out from the crowd, it is also important that your honey labels are made of a durable material that can easily withstand the storage and transportation of your jars. Basically, you have the following options:

• Choose from three different papers/materials
• Choice of two adhesives: permanent or removable
    All of our labels are coated with a 100% transparent protective varnish to protect your labels from external influences.

    Different Materials for Different Needs

    Our materials differ in both appearance and function. Our paper materials are characterized by their attractive appearance. The film material, on the other hand, is more practical for plastic honey bottles and heavy-duty jars. However, all our formats are available in all materials and are perfectly matched to the most common honey jars. All papers can be stamped or thermal-transfer printed later, to add a best-before date if required.

    An Overview of All Our Honey Label Materials: 


    Our PP film is a polypropylene film with a smooth, glossy surface. This makes it highly durable and particularly suitable for plastic containers that may be compressed under certain circumstances. Our bear bottles are an example of this. 

    Standard Paper

    Our standard paper is a white, semi-gloss paper. It is also FSC certified (FSC Mix Credit). This classic paper adds style to your honey, can be used universally and is suitable for all sizes and shapes of honey jars and lids.

    Textured Paper

    Our textured paper is a matte, white uncoated paper that is FSC certified (FSC Mix Credit). The textured surface gives your label a high quality, natural and sustainable look. This material is also ideal for all honey jars and lids and can be used individually.

    Permanent Adhesive

    Our permanent adhesive provides reliable adhesion to a variety of surfaces and is suitable for all shapes and sizes of honey jars and lids. Permanent adhesive labels should be applied at a minimum of 41°F for optimum adhesion.

    Peelable Adhesive

    A removable adhesive is ideal for reusable jars. The special adhesive can be removed from the jar even after long periods of storage. Another benefit: Did you make a mistake when applying the label, is it crooked or has bubbles formed? No problem! Removable adhesive labels can be removed and repositioned shortly after application. Removable adhesive labels should be applied at a temperature of at least 41°F for optimum adhesion.


    Now It's Your Turn! Choose your preferred paper from our range. All materials are available in both rolls and sheets. Choose your adhesive, select your designs, place your order and look forward to receiving your professional, high quality honey labels.


    As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or problems at info@honeystickers.com