Honey Label Regulations

There are many things to consider when labeling honey. The rules and regulations in the U.S. are set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect consumers. They are designed to prevent honey from being mislabeled or even misrepresented. We have summarized the most important points so that you know what information to provide when labeling your honey. 


What do I call my honey?

Honey is the viscous, sweet substance that bees produce from plant nectar, or the secretions of living plant parts, and store in their honeycombs. If your product contains honey, it must be labeled as 'honey'. It may or may not include the source of the flower in its name (e.g. forest honey). 

If you have added another ingredient to your honey (sweetener, flavoring, etc.), you can no longer just call it 'honey', but you must list all ingredients. 

For more information on proper labeling, see the FDA Honey Labeling Guidelines.


What information do I need to put on my honey label?

There is some information that the FDA requires you to include on your jar of honey: 


You must provide a clear and accurate product name. See paragraph above.

Manufacturer Address

The name and address of the manufacturer or distributor must be printed on the label in a type size of at least 1/16th of an inch.

Net Weight

The weight without packaging must be stated. The weight must appear on the bottom third of the label.

List of Ingredients

If other ingredients have been added to your honey, you must list them in an ingredient list. The minimum font size is 1/16 inch.

What information is optional?

There are also some statements that are not required by the Food and Drug Administration, but are optional:


If your honey is a specific brand, you can list it. This is not required, but is recommended to help sell your product.

Country of Origin

If your honey is imported, the country of origin is mandatory.

US Grade

Honey can be categorized based on its color and consistency.


If you have additional warnings for your honey, you can write them on the front label or create an additional sticker with the information.

Best Before Date


If you wish, you can indicate the date until which your honey can be safely consumed.



In order to keep this information voluntary, certain requirements must be met:

  • The honey is offered for sale by a person who sells food directly to consumers and whose annual gross sales do not exceed $500,000.
  • The honey is offered for sale by a person whose annual gross receipts from the sale of food to consumers do not exceed $50,000.
  • The company producing the honey has fewer than 100 full-time employees and produces fewer than 100,000 units of the product in the United States.


Please note that even when using our online tool, you are still responsible for selecting the correct label. To help you choose the right label, we have created an overview of the sizes of our honey labels.

Our templates are designed for pure honey, where honey is the only ingredient. If your honey contains other ingredients, you are responsible for labeling them correctly and including a list of ingredients. You can simply load these into our online designer and add them to your label.

Our templates also do not take into account any local regulations that may apply in individual countries. If you have any questions about the legislation in your country, please contact the relevant authority in your country.


The right font size for your honey label

Please note that there are minimum font sizes that you must adhere to in order to ensure good readability. We have adjusted all our templates to meet these requirements, but we urge you to keep them in mind when designing or modifying our templates. We have compiled a list of minimum sizes for you:


We have already adjusted the minimum sizes in our pre-designed designs. Please be sure to observe these minimum sizes when customizing our designs or when using our blank designs.


To make sure you have the right size, we have included a ruler in our online designer. You can simply drag your text elements there and adjust the size. Try it out today!