Order Honey Labels - Quick & Easy

Honey labels - for every beekeeper

Are you a passionate beekeeper and love working with bees, but don't have the time or inclination to design a honey label for your honey? With us you can quickly and easily create a label for your honey jars, leaving you more time to work with your bees.

With honeystickers.com you have found your reliable partner for your honey label. You will find a large selection of labels in our range, so that you can choose a honey label that suits you. Our user-friendly program makes it quick and easy to design your personal label - and you don't need any prior knowledge of design. Look forward to your personal honey label in very good quality. After you order your label, we start printing it. This process only takes 4-6 business days. We will then send your label directly to you. You can stick the matching label on your honey jars after just a few days.

Honey labels – the matching label for every jar

When it comes to buying honey, the first impressions matter. A beautiful label not only catches the eye of potential customers but also keeps your honey memorable with an attractive design or logo. The right label can make a big difference in how your brand is perceived and can even influence the final purchase decision.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should value a label that appeals to your customers and matches your honey jar. You can get your individual honey label from us in different label sizes. No matter if your jars have plastic or metal lids, we've got the perfect honey label for you. Pick from these jar types:

  • Round Glass Jars
  • Hexagonal Glass Jars
  • Classic Queenline Glass Jars
  • Classic Queenline Plastic Jars
  • Bear Shaped Plastic Jars

We've got you covered with labels for all sizes of honey jars. Plus, we offer different types of labels to fit your needs. Want to make sure your customers know the jar hasn't been opened since it was filled? A label with a tamper or freshness seal is just what you need. We offer a variety of labels, including front labels for your jars and round honey labels for the lids. Additionally, our online store provides supplementary and additional labels to meet all your labeling needs.

Honey labels - smooth or textured?

Before you start designing your individual honey label, you need to think about the label material. At honeystickers.com we offer different variations of the labels so you can order them to your liking.

The honey-label-paper is one of the first features the customer notices about your honey. We selected the material for the label in such a way that your customers are immediately convinced of the good quality of the honey the first time they look at the honey jars.

You can choose from a classic standard paper with a smooth surface and a slight sheen. In addition, the honey label can be printed on uncoated paper. With its light structure and matt appearance, your natural paper label gives an impression of naturalness and sustainability. If you value high resistance and security against liquids, then order your honey labels in our film material. You can also adapt the adhesive of the labels according to your needs or the preferences of your customers. You can choose a permanent adhesive for the label of your honey jars, which will stick strongly. However, if you use reusable jars, we recommend the easily soluble version of the adhesive for your honey label. In this way, the label can be removed by hand without leaving any residue and your glass is ready for use again within a very short time.

Honey label – individual design in no time

Once you have decided on a variant of the honey label, the next step is the design and layout. To do this, simply enter your personal details in our configurator and choose the right color and font for you from a wide selection. You can move the fields with the information on the label according to your preferences. You also have the option of placing a picture of you or your bees on the honey label, giving it a very personal touch. Afterwards, your honey label only has to be printed. You have the choice of having your label printed on a sheet or on rolls. From just one honey label, we offer you the opportunity to order your individual label from us. You are welcome to have us print an individually calculated number of labels, or you can opt for the scales already specified.

The labels are staggered in units of 10, 50, 100, 300, 500 or even larger. If you print on a roll, you can benefit from volume discounts for larger quantities.

The legal requirements must be observed for the honey label

We have ensured that some legal requirements have been integrated into our honey labels. However, please continue to pay attention to your respective legal requirements and what information you need to include on your label. The required information includes, for example:

the name and address of the beekeeper

the country of origin

the net weight

the best-before date (BBD)

Simply enter your information in our placeholders or add mandatory information. For the best-before date (BBD), you can choose whether you want to enter the date online, write it on by hand afterwards or stamp it.

Honey label - only the best for your honey

With honeystickers.com you get a high-quality label that you have customized according to your wishes and ideas. The process of designing your personalized honey label is quick and easy, so you can focus on working with your bees. The label will give your honey a professional and high quality look. If you have any further questions, please have a look at our FAQ.

We have summarized the most important information for you here. You will also find instructions on how to correctly label honey chains on our website. We hope you enjoy designing your personal honey label. With the new label, your honey will be remembered by your customers for a long time.

Honey labels - good to know

Professional honey labels - a recent development

For a long time, professional honey labels were hardly affordable for small beekeepers due to the high prices. But that is a thing of the past. Thanks to progress in the printing industry, honey jar labels can now be produced not only quickly and flexibly, but also inexpensively with the help of digital printing.

Remove labels without residue

In most cases, honey labels must be one thing above all: removable without leaving any residue. Because even today, many of the glasses used are reusable glasses. In order to subsequently enter the BBD and lot number, it is advisable to use label material on which the stamping ink sticks without any problems or which is suitable for thermal transfer printing. You are on the safe side with our specially selected materials for honey jars.

Please peel off the labels before cleaning. Due to the high water temperatures, it is possible that the adhesive will otherwise harden in the dishwasher and can no longer be removed without leaving any residue.

What labels are required?

In many cases, a honey jar is decorated with only one label. A combination of a front label with a guarantee closure. This variant is particularly suitable for smaller beekeepers who stick the honey labels on manually. For larger apiaries with semi-automatic or automatic labeling machines, two individual labels are recommended - the band and the seal label or the guarantee seal, each individually.

Provide packaging information on the honey label

It is also recommended to provide information about the packaging, e.g. B. returnable glass, one-way glass, deposit. Terms such as "organic" may only be used in combination with the organic logo, provided the corresponding certification is available!

Sustainability in our production

Like you, we attach great importance to sustainability in our production. Our digital printing machines print with reduced CO2 on FSC-certified materials and without chemical printing plates. Our rooms are heated with the warmth of the machines. We only use green electricity, recycle our materials and avoid unnecessary and environmentally harmful packaging materials. In order to make it easier for employees to switch to electromobility, there are electric charging stations in our company car park. Our environment is important to us and we do what we can to optimize our processes as far as possible from an ecological point of view.